Saturday, July 27, 2013

169-To The Sky

Who doesn't love clematis?  No matter how high the fence or trellis, it always wants to climb higher. These beautiful clematis blossoms came from my daughter's beautiful garden.  It is adorned with another climbing flower - coral vine, which I received from Kate Chu. The background is handmade rice paper.  This original piece was sold  at the Cortland Art Festival in August 2013.

167-Mother of the Groom Pressed Flower Art

This 8" x 10" framed piece was designed for the Mother of the groom.  Botanicals included white and pink sweetheart roses, astilbe and baby's breath.

166-Bridal Bouquet

I just finished this 16" x 20" bridal bouquet which featured long stem and sweetheart roses, calla lily and astilbe.  The long stems were wrapped in ribbon and adorned with a bow.  This bridal bouquet preservation was received from a referral from Don's Own Flower Shop in Geneva, NY.

165-Winter Wonderland

This challenging design of a picture within a leaf was the result of a class I took through the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild from an award winning pressed flower artist from Taiwan.  The design concept for the class originated from a Christmas card featuring a winter scene. In order to meet the size requirements, both the small and large holly leaves in the design were created using pieces of multiple botanicals.  Various colored skeleton leaves were used to enhance the lighting and to accent the design.  

Botanicals included:  Poplar, holly, chameleon, lily, poinsettia and miscellaneous leaves; rose petals, straw, hydrangea, cabbage, onion skin and skeleton leaves. This original pressed flower art has been sold.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Next Show - Cortland Art Festival

Please look for B's Garden Treasures at the Cortland.Cortland Arts and Wine Festival 64 Main Street, Cortland, NY on Saturday, August 3, 2013.  For more information go to:

I hope to see you there!

164 - Peony and Dogwood

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.  I especially love the dark pink versions as they have wonderful color retention.  The peony blossoms used in this picture were from my Dad’s garden, where they have faithfully blossomed for over 40 years! The background was handmade paper made with real mango leaves.  Botanicals include:  Peony and dogwood.

This original pressed flower original has been sold. 

163 - Hummingbird Heaven

This design has been on my mind for some time just waiting for the right time to make it happen.  Using tiny flowers for my art was a deviation from my normal style, and it required much more attention to detail than one would have thought.  The hummingbirds, which are made from crown vetch, became the focus.  Botanicals include:  Bridal veil, forget me nots, rock foil, maiden hair fern, Queen Anne’s lace and crown vetch.

If you are interested, this 8x10" original can be purchased for $55.00 plus shipping.