Friday, May 27, 2022

#475 – Team Greyhound

This colorful team of whimsical greyhounds look like they are enjoying hanging out together as if posing for a photograph.  I wonder if they will decide to run laps or lay down and take a nap as greyhounds do.

Botanicals used on the dogs from left to right were blue hydrangea, astrantia, arum leaves and bougainvillea with garnet hydrangea. This picture is 11"x14" framed and vacuum sealed with anti-UV conservation glass for maximum protection.  

While this piece has been sold, contact me if you are interested in a print or potentially another original using this design.  

#476 – Shades of Purple

I became fond of greyhounds after my daughter rescued her sweet dog, Imus.  They have so much personality.  This vibrant pup was made from daisies, larkspur and queen Anne's lace of many shades of purple.  I love how it came together and hope you do too!  It is 8"x10" framed.

It was vacuum sealed and covered with 99% anti-UV conservation glass for maximum protection.

Price:  $75.00 -- If interested, contact me at