Thursday, September 9, 2021

Original Pressed Flower Cards

It is always fun to create cards from my freshly pressed flowers.  The first group of 5"x7" cards feature pressed larkspur and delphinium freshly harvested from my garden.    

The following card was made from dyed lily of the valley.  The stems were placed in red floral dye when harvested.  Then they are pressed.  

This card features a dragon fly made from cone flower and veronica and was sealed using a decoupage technique.  It is frame ready.  


Bridal Bouquet

 I preserved this 14"  x 18" bridal bouquet for my great niece.  Many of the flowers were pretty rough by the time I got them but I was still able to create a beautiful memory keepsake for her.  By the way, her wedding ceremony and reception were amazing!

Memorial Commissions

I'm always honored to preserve flowers associated with the loss of a loved one.  Sometimes all it takes is a single rose, a stem of liatris and a stem of larkspur from a funeral to create a beautiful 11" x 14" framed memory.  

This was an especially emotional request.  My client lost one of her twin girls in utero.  Thankfully the second twin is still thriving.  The butterflies reflect one twin in heaven looking down at her sister.  This picture was 14" x 18" framed.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

#446 - Dream Home

I grew up in a home just a few yards from Cayuga Lake in NYS.  It was not uncommon for water to splash on my bedroom window when the water was rough.  It required climbing many, many steps to go anywhere, but it seemed worth it to me at the time.  If I were to return to living on the water front, this could be my dream home.  I would be happy renting it for a week or more when vacationing!  How about you?  

It is 11" x 14" framed.  The water and sky were made from hydrangea. The house was made primarily from fall sumac leaves of various shades.

#429 - Peony Explosion

I absolutely love peonies.  They have such vibrant colors and great color retention.  When making this 16" x 20" framed picture, I was envisioning fire works and sought to create an interesting sense of motion when selecting the botanicals.  This one may be hard to part with but is for sale.    


#426 - Sea Turtle

I created this sea turtle picture after my first one generated so much interest.  The turtle was made from brown magnolia petals, skeleton and late fall rusty brown leaves along with banana peel and a little white poplar.  The sea was adorned with a variety of botanicals over a marbled paper background.  

It is 11" x 14" framed.  I hope you like it!

 Here are some cards I made recently from garden flowers.  I had a wonderful crop of hydrangea this year with great color.  My cosmos, larkspur, delphinium and astrantia were also great.