Thursday, November 15, 2012

#138 - Regal Rooster

This regal rooster has generated a lot of crowing and clucking but has not yet found a new home.  This project started with the rooster.  The black body was created with hollyhock petals.  The wing, tail, head and comb were adorned with gerbera daisy petals. The white neck feathers were from pompas grass.  For the feet and beak, I used tree bark.

Once the rooster was done, I tackled the barnyard.  The ground was covered with lily of the valley leaves and adorned primarily with butterfly weed, goldenrod, Fall leaves and ornamental grass blossoms.  The coop was made with browned daylily leaves and trimmed with poplar leaves which are white on the undersides. The fence is made from straw and the trees from ornamental cabbage.  The sky was created from the back side of poplar leaves.  The final product matted and framed is 16" x 20".

1 comment:

  1. I love this rooster , I so hope to make one myself one day :>)