Friday, September 6, 2013

#172 - A birds Eye View

This pressed flower landscape features a pair of chickadees made primarily from leaves overseeing a beautiful summer garden.  They are singing their song of happiness for the world to hear.

Botanicals include:  Delphinium, larkspur, salvia, speedwell, astilbe, cardinal, daisy, coreopsis, lobelia, scabiosa, thryallis, deutzia, hollyhock, alyssum, Queen Anne’s lace, maidenhair fern along with white poplar, lily of the valley, ningma, burning bush and miscellaneous leaves,  

This 11x14" framed piece sold at the Beaver Lake Harvest Festival before the show officially opened.  What a great start of a two-day show!


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  1. Your pictures are lovely . I love the story with the Bird's Eye !