Sunday, May 10, 2015

233 - Full Moon

Look for this original pressed flower art at the Keuka Art Festival June 13-14, 2015

This scene features swans swimming in a pond on a beautiful summer night. The full moon showcases the flowering shrubs along the path leading to the gazebo.  The pond was constructed primarily from beehive and filled with layers of blue delphinium petals topped with a few maidenhare fern. The larkspur swans have beaks made from tree bark and banana peel. The ripples on the water are onion skins. The fall leaf pathway is decorated with multi-colored and dyed bridal wreath as well as heather, blue salvia and larkspur.  The gazebo was constructed with brown lily leaves and banana peel wood. Additional botanicals include dusty miller, artemisia, evergreen, white poplar leaf, skeleton leaf and miscellaneous ferns and leaves.

This piece was framed in a simple black frame and vacuum sealed between glass and mylar.  A second layer of 99% UV conservation glass covers the ivory mat.

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